Smart, Savvy and Associates hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year, processing a large number of financial transactions and collecting registration data. The following provides important information concerning any request to cancel, substitute another person or request a refund of fees for our events.

Cancellations (Refund Requested)

Any request by a registered event or program participant (registrant) must be received in writing via email to the Event Contact address that is provided in your Online Registration Receipt and Registration Confirmation Email.

For fee-based events, a request for cancellation (and refund) will be accepted up to the deadline time of 12:00 PM Noon, 1 week (7 days) in advance of the event. Smart Savvy must make commitments to suppliers at that time and making changes will result in additional labour, costs or penalties. For example, for a Thursday event, your cancellation must be received by 12:00 PM Noon the previous Thursday. If the cancellation request is received after the deadline, we cannot issue a refund and would recommend a Substitution (see below).


All approved refunds are subject to an administration fee to offset system and financial charges. This fee is based on the per person registration fee for the event or program:

$20 to $100 – $10.00 administration fee; and
$101 or higher – administration fee equal to 10% of the registration fee.


Registrants who cannot attend an event are encouraged to exercise the option of providing a substitute participant to attend in his/her place. A written notification of a substitution will be accepted by email up to the morning of the event. When signing in at the event, the substitute participant must show an email from you authorizing the substitution.

General Terms

If Smart Savvy or its event partner cancels an event, all registrants will receive a full refund of fees paid (no administration charge) no later than two business days following the scheduled date of the event.

All refunds will only be made using the original form of payment. For example, if you registered using a Visa card, any refund will be credited back to that same Visa card.


To help expedite a request for a refund or substitution, please provide the registration reference number found in the subject line (and elsewhere in the body text) of your Registration Confirmation Email message.

We cannot view, and do not require, your credit card number (that information is encrypted & protected) to perform a refund transaction.  Never put any credit card information in an email.

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